How to Style Plaid This Season

Plaid is back! Last seen on runaway runways in the late ’90s, plaid has returned for 2015. The vibrant print is eye-catching and vibrant, making it a fun piece to add to your winter wardrobe. But a trend can be hard to style, especially when you are not familiar with the basics of what’s in and what’s out.

Here, we will discuss how to build your plaid wardrobe from scratch and then give you some ideas on incorporating it into your outfit! Then, get some trendy plaid pieces from boutiques in Stephenville TX.

So let’s get started!

Winter! Dazzle up your look with plaids!

Plaid Shirt

We can not stress enough how important it is to have at least one plaid shirt in your wardrobe; that way, you can style it with multiple outfits without getting bored. Styles range from short sleeve button-downs; to long-sleeve; to oversized flannel. Keep this staple neutral and easy by opting for a dark color. So come on, girls, update your wardrobe by getting this plaid shirt from a women’s boutique near me.

Plaid Shacket

This classic staple is often seen in work-appropriate attires but can also create a casual look by pairing it with denim designer skinny jeans and boots. This piece will give your outfit more edge while still maintaining a polished appearance. The good news is, shacket are not only limited to plaid; you can also find them in other prints such as checkered and striped.

Plaid Heels

If you’re feeling courageous enough to try out this trend on the bottom half, then go all out by adding some plaid accessories as well! A set of heels in matching prints is a fun way to add a pop of color without going overboard. And just like the other items on our list, there are many different types of plaid available for your feet: tartan heels can be found in an assortment of colors and designs, while checked heels will give you that classic plaid look.

Plaid Dress

If you’re looking for an everyday style, then a plaid dress is perfect since it suits any occasion with ease. Instead of tying the print across your waist in a belt, play with different ways of styling this dress by adding boots or tights- depending on the season. If you are not comfy showing a lot of skin, add a women’s long cardigan or even wear it with leggings!

Plaid Mini Skirt

This piece is fun to ease yourself into the trend by alternating patterns and prints each time you style this skirt. You can dress it in any way, depending on your preference for footwear. Some ideas for styling this mini include: wearing it with black tights and ankle boots, pairing it with a black sweater and riding boots, or even styling it with a long sleeve shirt and short boots.

Plaid Top

This piece is unlike any other, especially since it’s available in different styles and lengths. If you’re looking for an item to keep you warm during the colder months of the year, then a plaid top is your answer when layered with a coat! They come with trendy sleeves and can be paired with many pieces: from jeans and sneakers to skirts and pumps! This is the perfect formula to try this season.

Plaid Scarf & Beanie

If you’re looking for an outfit that appears comfortable yet stylish, then this is the look for you. The plaid print interacts well with the neutral colors in this look- specifically, the black and grey. Partner this style with ankle boots or even knee-high leather boots to complete the look!

Wrap up

Plaid is a unique print in the sense that it’s not only easy to pair with other items in your wardrobe; it can also be worn during various seasons. You can find plaid in all types of colors and prints at a boutique in Hobbs nm, which means that once you invest in one item, you’ll probably want to own them all! The best part about this fashion trend is that plaid will always look fabulous whether you’re wearing shorts or a dress.




Hello, I am Clinton. I am working at Southern Honey Boutique as a fashion designer. We are the number one Stephenville boutiques. Visit our website for more.

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Clinton Clark

Clinton Clark

Hello, I am Clinton. I am working at Southern Honey Boutique as a fashion designer. We are the number one Stephenville boutiques. Visit our website for more.

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